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Seeing the sun peek out reminds me of meeting up with an old buddy and the words, “yoh! Long time mahn!” don’t seem to escape you. In fact, they come in plenty but all revolve around, long time! The only difference is you can’t be like “what have you been up to?” Cause the sun has just been chilling!!(Pun intended)

Deep down, however girlish we may be, I think we all have an element of edgy, tomboy, you know, some roughness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into the ‘get flowery shoes’, wear a sun dress on a sunny day, grab myself a pair of heels and all that kinda vibe. Pink though? Not too sure about that. I can count the number of times I have worn pink on the blog- Breast cancer awareness. This is the point to add that girlish vibes vary.
I think most of us will agree.

Deep down I know for me it is not just an element of tom boy, it’s a tonne! Evidence on Men at work, where I wore dungarees as well. I realize now that I don’t showcase that as often as I should on my blog. When I get a chance to be a “boy”, I don’t hesitate. I bring my lipstick and hold my hair up, just to make it clear that I am still that girl! I hope you won’t shy away from your edgy-roughness side, if you have any!( I insist we girls all do!)

Enjoy your weekend!

P.s: New video on Monday! You dig?




Dungarees- Thrifted

Top- Thrifted

Shoes- Bata









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  • Wonderful dungarees combinations… ;looks great!

    • thereelrhee


  • Hi Rhee. First time on your blog and i like your style. I also watched your Vlog and looks like you had lots of fun lol. Keep it stylish girl!!

    • thereelrhee

      Hey Remmygirl, stick around! You will love it, I hope!xx

  • mal

    work it rheeya!!

    • thereelrhee


  • Looking great and the pictures are amazing.I need such dungarees.So well styled

    • thereelrhee

      Thrift thrift! One lucky thrift!

  • he…..Muthoni! this look is talking to me. i love me a touch of both worlds, tom boy and girlish.
    lovely post ma’

  • Daisy

    Cause the sun has just been chilling!!WIIIN!!!

    • thereelrhee

      🙂 Readers who literally get the pun are a WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eish..what a way to start the year! I really love this look..You are totally slaying!
    Have a lovely weekend..xx

    • thereelrhee

      Why thank you lovely!

  • Fay

    You thrifted those dungarees?I just love how you paired them

    • thereelrhee

      Hard to believe huh??
      They are such a lucky thrift!xx