I have been on some bold vibes this month huh?hallo!!

Last time I did a themed post was when I did Rhee the Spy last month and boy was it some thrill! Definitely putting more and more such thrilling posts in 2015- hoping we’ll get thrilled together. It was wholly inspired by Homeland,the TV show (Season 1,episode 1) yes no one guessed that but Jackie from trendytragediennne.com

Theme post number two here was inspired by a TV show too!

Knock knock? Who’s there? -Same Old Same old TV! 


Ofcus I’ll ask you to guess-this time with a hint though (ain’t this some fun darling?). Its a comedy(I love those), won loads and tonnes of awards(I like wins), has a female character whose best time of the year is Halloween.(Are you there yet?)


It’s not halloween or anything(well..duuuuh!) but the alluring darkness that comes with black is what I love about this outfit. The black lip does an amazing job at bringing out the mystery I had hoped that this whole outfit would turn out into.

A one leg slit dress is to die for(Is it just me?). Honestly, I have been on the search for one.(And cheap is a major adjective that should be thrown in there). So to rephrase, I have been looking for one that fits magically into my budget.

That to much disappointment!

I however found a skirt that could kinda sorta help me to achieve the look so I called it home.(Read I bought it). Found a black dress that I wore as a top and voila! We made a post!


250Kshs worth of skirt meets a one leg slit dress!

Thankyou Thankyou!(Gives a bow)


The belt’s function cannot be overlooked. Makes the whole outfit look like one while the opposite is true. I shall also have you know that that is not actual black lipstick!

Had to believe huh?


As always, I thankyou,appreciate and value your time!-I do!

Clock is on! Tick-Tock..Have the name of the TV SHOW yet?


Love and love


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