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“Yes, its Friday and the outfit post is for a Casual Friday work environment-totally planned! Nothing here is a coincidence! 😛 ” Is what I would have said if today was Friday- 🙁

Hallo! Trust that you are having an amazing week-I am actually feeling like I am walking out of work with this outfit(I know what you are’s a Tuesday,how dare she!!) haha, sounds weird but a post can do things to you! 😀

Like in the last posts, I am going to show a sunny day outfit and how to transition the same outfit to one you would wear on a cold day 🙂


Prints prints prints! (Does anyone else feel like I am one step away from making a print nursery rhyme?

*drops a beat*

-love some print-more than mint-in this heat-want some hint?-

Gosh I am stuck-and also just realized how shady that may have turned out 😀

But you get the point yes? okay!

Here’s some print 🙂









How versatile is a pull-neck!I love how it covers the whole neck.This one would do better with a neck-piece-how in the world i’m I not wearing one? 😀

Its really laughable that there are countless of articles that say big-busted ladies out there should opt for v-necks and avoid full tops like hahaha laughable, wear what makes you comfortable darling! You ain’t going to feel cold while your pull neck sits in your closet, are you?

And if you are not comfortable with a pull-neck, you can throw in a scarf to camouflage the chest size but I don’t see why! Do you?





Blazer-Shop in town

Shoez-Backyard shoez- Same on Double Trouble

Pull-neck- Atmosphere

Leopard print-gifted

(But check out Leopard on my skin 1 and Leopard in my skin 2 )

Many many thanks for taking your time to read,like or comment through the Official Series! See you on the next post!

Love and Love


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