Hello Hello! (Blog is about to clock 6months this month) *yaaaas*

I have had a beautiful start to an amazing Monday! (Monday Blues I think should be considered a myth from this point forward) πŸ™‚

I love ankara. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am African. I think if I were white, I would still have a high affinity to Ankara (debatable) which now sort of implies that I love ankara because I am African.

Who cares! Ankara is the shizzles!Β 

I am in fact looking for an amazing tailor who can take me to Ankara heaven..feel free to pass your recommendations..



Before you start saying I am wearing the same bra over and over again(Bolding it Up post),I shall have you know that I took the pictures on the same day!

Moving on..


Behold my ankara skirt paired with a dress which I have worn as a top. I will ask you to pardon my light blue bra strap(again). There is an upside to its existence though because now you can sort of conclude that I like blue even though it is not necessarily true πŸ™‚

I feel like today I am being argumentative! I am even picking fights with myself πŸ™‚

Ankara skirt- Custom made

Dress- So Old

Shoes-Same here



So I got featured inΒ Black Girls in Kenya Killing ItΒ *yaaas* To appear in the same breathe with people (Silvia Njoki,Lucia Musau,Maureen Bandari,etc)who have made it is phenomenal. Super grateful.

I sound like I have won an award! πŸ˜€ But really..I’m excited, can you tell?

SoΒ if you could like their page,that would be great! My facebook page too, The Reel RheeΒ that would be greater hehe (I promise to be more and more active).

Location courtesy of LaMada, Mada Chain of Hotels.

Gosh so many links today!


I‘m super grateful that you always make it to the end of every of my post! Thankyou for the views peoples!



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  • Ida Achieng

    Congratulations dear.
    Colour looks good on you!

    • TheReelRhee

      thankyou!Blue and red make an amazing combination!

  • …even the color is beautiful πŸ™‚


    • TheReelRhee

      ikr? I love it too!

  • I love the pop of colour, I got my eye on the neck-piece too, pretty look! πŸ™‚


    • TheReelRhee

      muchos thanks!

  • Love the skirt, you brought so much life to the Ankara. The location is so serene, love, love.


    • TheReelRhee

      aww such kind words!Very flattered!thanks

  • This shoot is amazing. I love the location and the Ankara skirt is beautiful!
    xxCara @ http://www.xocara.com

    • TheReelRhee

      Thanks doll!much appreciated

  • You should do ankara more often. You look so pretty..Love the skirt!


    • TheReelRhee

      will do when o link up with an amazing tailor hehe

  • Stunning ! Those pictures are beautiful. X

    Follow me on GFC Rheeya, I always follow back !
    β–¬ http://WWW.HEKYMA.COM β–¬

    • TheReelRhee

      Thanks Hekyma, I will definitely follow you!xx

  • Sophie

    I love,love,love your skirt.You look so nice and sweet in that outfit,sweet especially because of the hair do.

    • TheReelRhee

      yes a bun makes things perfect!thanks Sophie!

  • Love how you styled the skirt!!! Your neck-piece is the truth!


    • TheReelRhee

      thanks Yvonne! muchos muchos thanks!

  • roselyn

    You look beautiful πŸ™‚ LOve the skirt and neckpiece πŸ™‚

    • TheReelRhee

      thanks Roselyn!New link on the blog,I am totally Stopping by in a few!

  • Shiroh Benson

    Try Kasoi from Kasoi Wardrobe. She’s an amazing designer with exquisite talent. +254 729 436211

    • TheReelRhee

      wow thanks Shiroh! Even the number! Such a plus!xx

  • Almasi

    That skirt is haven sent… I love it… I am looking for a good tailor where did you get yours done??