Ladies, if you have an older sister you know for a fact that there are boundaries in her closet that you cannot cross.

You can wear this but this don’t even look at.

Sounds familiar?

Well this jacket is one such thing, among many others. But it was too good I had to not only touch but also take photos with it! Great! Now there is evidence that I wore it. Point is: I think I know where Adam and Eve were coming from 😀

It’s a leather jacket with a roughness that just eludes grunge. Now do you understand where I am coming from? Stolen waters taste sweet I tell you! I however wanted to for once have some femininity with leather and that is why I paired it with a long mustard top.

I love mustard! Not the colour, well I love the colour too but I was initially referring to mustard the condiment. How it brings flavour to a hot dog (insert what you put mustard in) and even how it swings out of its bottle, like a lady 😀

Its how I feel about anything mustard piece of item that I have in my wardrobe. and they are countable! How rare is this colour! How many pieces of anything mustard do you have? Oh how lucky at though if they are too many to count, you have discovered gold!




Jewellery- Shee Art

Jacket- Sister’s wardrobe

Top- Atmosphere

Jeans- Old

Shoes- Newlook


hail to the kinky hair!
hail to the kinky hair!




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  • i have not one, but THREE sisters. Can totally relate. Stolen waters taste sweet indeed! ha.

    you look so cute and such lovely hair Rheeayh!

    • thereelrhee

      haha I just have 2!! but the drama up in here comes pretty close to keeping up with the kardashians lol

  • I do not have a sister but may your sister successfully kill you,lol! But the death will be totally worth it because the jacket is a show stopper!! Mustard is a rare color and if you could kindly disclose where you live so that I come steal the top it would be amazing. Great post ma!

    • thereelrhee

      haha in that case I am saying nothing about where I live. I might as well start acting Osama and hide away hehe

      Well she hasn’t seen this post yet, so I guess I can enjoy my peace for now!xx

  • Ka mwizi 😝😝
    I don’t have a sister 😖I wouldn’t know 😝
    Love the neck piece

    • thereelrhee

      Its the best feeling to have one! Guess someone can say that about you
      unless you an only child?

  • Looking pretty dear..xx

    • thereelrhee

      I’m back Ma!! My site went kaputt!! But we on 🙂
      Congrats on your MIMI blogger nomination! Fly high, the world is your stage xx

  • Where have you been?OMG..I have missed you here on the blog

  • Ida Achieng

    Oh my oh my! How I have missed your blog my dear! But am loving the growth. I love the hair and yes I know stollen waters are sweet only if you don’t get caught or in this case something happens and the treasured jacket is damaged.

    • thereelrhee

      sigh!! Ida been long!! How many months is he/she now? yes yes, I remember!!
      There is something so forbidden about stolen jackets huh?lol

      • Ida Achieng

        Aaaaaaaw. My little muffin, she will be 3months in November. That means am resuming work soon. I have a lot to catch up on. Kudos for the far you’ve come though.

        • thereelrhee

          Thanks Ida!!! Awww, growing up too fast!! Cheers to motherhood!xx