Merry Christmas!!!! 1 day to Christmas, 7 days to New Year’s!

Aside from stating the obvious? I am still connected to internet which could only mean that my folks haven’t decided that we are spending Christmas in ‘Shagz’. I don’t want to speak prematurely so I shall let it end here. Also, my mum reads my blog! *Waves frantically to mum*

Now while coming up with a Christmas post, there are certain things I had in mind. See I had concerns. A lot of questions I wanted to ask Mrs. Santa. If I could write a letter to Santa Claus asking to talk to his wife, I would have! But I’m too old to even believe in Santa!

But let’s just assume Santa exists! (we are ‘assuming’) And if he does, so does his woman! She is probably the reason Santa dresses like he does. She sets his clothes out for him every year(the same ones if I may add). She likes red. She likes white.So she imposes red and white for him!

Can we just be girls and jump into conclusions? 😀

So I decided I’d want to dress like she would (christmas post) cause I obviously can’t be Santa(too much work). I threw in a white dress cause she likes white and I like the pattern on the white dress! A pair of red shoes and just to try look her husband, his hat! The red lipstick? Oh that’s just how Santa likes it! 😉

Merry Christmas!!!









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  • Aren’t you the beauty!

  • i also like mrs. Claus better lol little 😛
    lovely dress, the lace detailing obviously is a winner and where did you steal that hat from ?

    • thereelrhee

      Haha Shee, stealing tena? I bought it(saying it with a weng) Merry Christmas!!xx

  • Hello Mrs Claus
    You just reminded me of a series I was watching late last week where Santa Claus was a lady, was quite hilarious!!! Looking great!!
    Almost forgot to ask, what have you done to your hair? Would really love to see the full view.

    • thereelrhee

      Haha a series? what series? No really, I am interested! I have done Afro Kinky, I’ll get you a full blog post when my hair is not under a hat,lol

      • It’s called black.ish can’t recall which episode but the whole series is so funny!!
        Despite the fact that my hair is only one inch long, I will still b waiting for the post.

        • How did I miss a Mrs Santa in Blackish….ama it’s in season 2?
          But the series is too hilarious.

          Looking good as always. Might be a little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance. The lace is a winner Rhee. Can we call the hat a blog resident now?

          If only I believed in Santa….but come to think of it, twould be really nice to have a Mrs Santa because she’d rock the Santa outfit way better…and maybe make a few changes once in a while.