Photos by Hillcity_514

I think the most versatile and most diverse ‘thing’ in this day and age has got to be fashion. Fashion can be inspired by almost anything! A sport. Basketball jerseys anyone? A hobby. How many times have you seen posts titled ‘outfits to wear to a beach?’ A TV show. Anything.

One such item that has got its way into the fashion industry from ‘life happenings’ has got to be overalls, herein referred to as dungarees, with sites describing dungarees as ‘work clothes’.

So you know RHEE is at work with this versatile piece! I even climbed a tree for this shoot, haha!

I love how such an ‘masculine’ piece can feel so feminine when paired with the right pair of shoes!

Threw in a thermo top that has some velvet feel to it, for some reason I find it easier to describe clothes by first starting with the material and how it feels on the skin, talk of creepy! 😀

Nothing but a lovely week to you!!



Thermo Top- Same on Conservateur

Shoes- Same on Hello Brown







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