I know most of the time I do one of this video posts, I always start by telling you how it took me a long time to edit or how Youtube is work and my favourite, how I have found a new respect for Youtubers because I understand how much work they put into making videos.

But today..is’ a different story.

I just want to tell how you excited I am that this month of March we are going to have videos every Monday. I hope it will please you to tag along!! I haven’t quite thought through what type of videos we are going to have, but thinking of 3 refreshing video posts sounds like a walk in the park. (NOT) So if there’s anything you’d like to see, feel free to let me know! @thereelrhee on IG or easier yet, post it down below!

Until next video, enjoy this one! Do not hesitate to subscribe, button is on the sidebar top right!



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