Producing customized shades of lipstick moved me to make crayon. Well I strongly believe that crayon lipstick is not an everyday-to-wear lippie but a day or two of the colours you don’t have yet in your beauty closet won’t hurt.

Crayon lipstick is non toxic! Children eat those things yea? Which is why this is an easy and safe method.

Let’s get to it…

You will need:

Lipstick container

Non toxic black crayon. (of whatever colour you wish)

Essential oil.(olive oil, jojoba, almond)

Shea butter(or alternatively Vaseline) Anything with vitamin E content.

Heat source.

Paper towels.

Something to stir.

Boiling pot and a glass jar.



1.Remove the paper from crayons (duuh!!). Run it under warm water to reduce the amount of time you will take on this.

2.Break the crayon into small pieces. The smaller the better. Small pieces melt faster than large ones. Science!


3. Put in the essential oil. I used extra virgin oil. Put the shea butter or vaseline. I added some lipbalm just because I don’t want to walk around smelling like crayon!


4. Set your glass jar into a pot of boiling water.


5. Stir until it is melted.


6. Pour the melted crayon into whatever container you have. Use paper towels.

Wipe the jar with a paper towel when you are ready to wash. Do not pour hot crayon down your kitchen sink. Do not even try wash the jar before it has dried.


7. Put the hot wax in the fridge. Wait for it to dry.

After it has dried, if it is soft and you can slather some into your index finger, you are good!

If it is not, well..probably water got into your crayon mixture as you were stirring.



You could put food-grade essential oil to make it smell anything but crayon.The possibilities are endless!

Happy crayon making!

Watched my how to achieve black lipstick on a budget yet?




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  • Lol!1 Ati because children eat crayons everyday it means it is safe? Why do you have those many containers, are you starting a business? I love the process and thanks for the lesson, I didn’t know about crayon lippies.

    • thereelrhee

      No it means that they are catered for children thus they are made in a way to ensure that even when they are eaten it will do no harm to the kids. Not that they are safe cause children eat them.
      yes business coming soon lol.

  • I had no idea one could do this!!! Saw it on your channel and I was like I have to learn to make crayon lipstick. Thanks so much for the infirmation and congratulations good start girl.

    • thereelrhee

      Thanks Nimoh. & yo’ welcome!