Oh dear! Ever heard of writer’s block? Yea, me right now! I can’t believe I am doing this post 7 days later! At least we can say September’s first week has just began, yes that is my excuse and I am running with it!

So due to inconveniences caused by the writer’s block, I decided to do a taking stock series which was originally done by Pips from MeetMeatMikes who unknowingly began a blogosphere revolution!

Here goes….

Making : A lot of blog videos in my head. Can’t wait to literally make them!

Cooking : Liver and fries in just a few! Healthy living my foot! okay kidding!

Drinking : Passion soda. Thanks Coca Cola!

Reading: well… Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It’s not going so well. IΒ  have not been seriously reading of late πŸ™

Wanting: To have a house to myself, that comes with food so that I don’t have to cook, a library that has books that will scare me, a bed so big the ocean won’t be able to sit with me and DSTV that costs a little less haha!

Looking: at the screen right about now!

Playing: No games! πŸ˜€

Wasting: time bumming as I catch up on Orange is the New Black Ssn 3

Sewing: in a year’s time,lol!

Wishing: I could have a whole month of doing nothing for the rest of the year; which makes it a whole year so I take it all back! Wishing nothing!

Enjoying: my current book-in spirit!! hehe

Waiting: for my mum to come home so that we can go jog at Nairobi Jeffrey’s. Have yo’ll been there?? Its usually so serene!

Liking: how I am learning how to better myself! Okay who we kidding! Liking the IDEA of a better self!

Wondering: how in the world they discovered the internet!! Doesn’t it surprise you too?

Loving: junk and all this things that will come to bite me in 20 years!

Hoping: that they don’t actually bite me in 20 years!

Marvelling: at the thought of blog videos! That’s it! I am taking the plunge!

Needing: blog videos! okay okay kidding!! Needing some exercise and about an hour for a blog shoot this week.

Smelling: Nivea deodorant that I just sprayed in readiness for Nairobi Jeffrey’s! Jog on!

Wearing: My jog pants! πŸ™‚

Following: Orange is the New Black SSn 3

Noticing: How long this taking stock is! I really want to stop now lest it gets annoyingly long!

Knowing: that Jesus got my back!!

Thinking: that you should come for the sex series that is being taught at Mavuno Downtown at Ufungamano house this coming Sunday

Feeling: Very ready for the jog! My mum should seriously get here!

Bookmarking: Nothing! What are you bookmarking?

Opening: my mind to new ideas! Writer’s block is real!

Giggling: at how fast time moves when you are waiting for someone.

Feeling: very grateful that we about to clock 1year this month!!


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  • YoΓΊr very first taking stock post, yes??! Really enjoyed it. A huge YES to a better self. That’s what I’m working on myself.

  • time moves fast when you waiting for someone, sawa!
    i re-read on “thinking” i thought the first words were just in my head πŸ˜›
    nice one πŸ™‚