Hey there!This right here is a sequel to achieving curls with no heat which focused on cornrows. Part two focuses on two different ways to bring out the curls.

I collaborated with my friend Yvonne who is a natural hair enthusiast. I should mention she has a blog and has in many ways inspired me to style my hair and to take good care of it. Check out africanrapunzel blog which Yvonne runs!

How to achieve curls that are defined and last for a long period of time triggered this post.

We divided my hair into two equal parts, on the right side we used Bantu knots and on the left side we pin-curled the hair.





I stayed with this for a period of about 15hours(inclusive of night time). I had to leave the house and to protect the pins from falling off(because putting the pins is hard labour), I put a scarf to cover my head (so that I don’t end up looking like a complete psycho in the public eye).

Below is a black and white picture I took using my phone to show you how I covered my hair after the bantu knots and the pinning. It is Yvonne from africanrapunzel that did my turban and Wambui’s headbun.









It is quite clear that the right side(bantu knots) turned out to be curl-defined than the left side which had the pinned curls.

Both are amazing ways to curl your hair depending on what you want.

I would personally go for the pinned curls if my hair is straight from blowdry heat and I’d want it to quickly regain its just-straightened nature.

The bantu knots are better suited for people that want curls to last for a longer time. It is of more permanence than the left side and I would personally go for it if the blowdry from my hair is running out and I want my hair to still look good.

Hope this post has been informative.It has been done to the best of my knowledge. Do pass any recommendations on other ways to curl your hair without heat and if you have any questions do not restrain from asking.




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  • Love your hair, Rheeyah! So gorgeous! I’ll be trying out the pins method, thanks for sharing.

  • i love the bantu knots better. the curls look more defined than the other side and plus its what i love using on my head too.