Exams done! I can now blog in peace , AMEN? What you been up to?

Me? Just chilling, playing with my crayon lippies now that my exams are over and done with. Yes it is all I have been waiting to do. Not watch hunger games, or scandal or go quad biking, na-ah!

Okay I am just kidding.

I took this photos myself thanks to a self timer, we won’t even pretend. Lay it all out there Rhee! Biggest lesson from that: no self-timer can replace the good ol photographer! After doing my black lipstick on a budget, I thought it would be good to show you how the other colours turned out!

Some colours I love, others I don’t. I like the fact that even the photos can show when I don’t like a colour. Facial expressions 😀

The colours I have:

Red– turned out to be my favourite. It wasn’t too creamy. Wasn’t too red. Get it?

Pink– Na-ah! Not my colour. I probably used bad crayon, unlikely though. It didn’t turn out so good. It wasn’t even so hard to apply it. It looked white, not pink, aaakh!

Orange– As above. lol

Purple-ish– It bordered towards black, but it didn’t turn out as dark. Loved this one.

Black-This you have seen on the video. Or other blog posts like Grunge,or an attempt thereof.


thereelrhee red

the reel rhee.red









thereelrhee black

Learn how to make crayon lipstick here

If you haven’t watched the video, here you go

Do let me know what your favourite colour is,



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  • Love the purple and the black!!
    I’m a sucker for diy anything.. go you!

    xx Wangu

    • thereelrhee

      I can see from your blog! Can we not talk about how pretty the calabash wall is! Love and love!

  • I love the purple. You lucky you done with yours, time am about to start mine!!!
    I will definitely try to make one too after my papers hehe


    • thereelrhee

      haha! I am the happiest aki gosh!
      do let me know how it goes 🙂 xx

  • But I love the orange…


    • thereelrhee

      Me, not so much! Sigh! My skin tone with oranga na-ah!

  • Lol I need like dark purple. The black looks so good on you. Red too

    • thereelrhee

      Red is my fav!!!!!!!!!! XX