Filming by Take5_Photography Editing by yours truly, Rhee! At this rate, I will start taking editing gigs, weddings only, lol A romper is super convenient for lazy days. It saves you time; you don’t have to think of what top or with which bottoms you want to pair it with. Rompers are very light, cool … Continue Reading

You see that palette you want to get rid off because: a) the eye shadow particles are everywhere b) the palette has crazy colours you are so sure you aren’t ever going to wear them.. well don’t get rid of it just yet! Showing you how your can repurpose them in the hope that you’ll … Continue Reading

I know most of the time I do one of this video posts, I always start by telling you how it took me a long time to edit or how Youtube is work and my favourite, how I have found a new respect for Youtubers because I understand how much work they put into making … Continue Reading

How you doing yoh? Wsup! I didn’t get to share this video on this platform. If I go into the details why, you will think I am very a very sad person 😀 But I will anyway, so you even wonder why I made that statement! So you know how YouTube can get exciting especially … Continue Reading

Literally dusting off the dust because boy has it been forever! Happy New Year! Even if I posted in February, you would still get a Happy New Year from me. Now how you doing? I have literally not stopped typing since I started, word vomit! That’s what happens when you’ve been away too long! Now … Continue Reading