Heyya!! I can’t tell you how many times I have received Dms asking about my hair. I figured that many others could have questions, I hope this post answers your questions! For starters, I’m really into rough hair, so Afro Kinky is my holy grail. I’m always trying to find new ways to play with … Continue Reading

A week ago, I asked on my Facebook page for suggestions on what you would want to see. (Hit the like button on my Facebook page if you aren’t all up on business yet!) If we are going to delve into all the deets on faux locs, as requested, then this could be long! What did I … Continue Reading

Hey there!This right here is a sequel to achieving curls with no heat which focused on cornrows. Part two focuses on two different ways to bring out the curls. I collaborated with my friend Yvonne who is a natural hair enthusiast. I should mention she has a blog and has in many ways inspired me … Continue Reading

Hallo Hallo!! As the title suggests, we talking how to achieve curls with no heat. I actually got the idea after my Side Panels-Turtle neck Kinda dress post and someone asked and if I could do a hair post on my curls and long story short, we are here! One year later but what the … Continue Reading

Its hair week! Yes! Which means we will only be talking hair. Let’s interact and talk about heat, how it affects hair and how we can achieve curls with no heat. Be sure to drop by on Wednesday and Friday. I have been on a no heat challenge for 185 days. I have said that … Continue Reading