Ola!!! I won’t even lie, this is a quickie post. Yesterday morning, I realized my lips were beginning to chap. Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge sucker for all things lip colour. This could range from lip liners, lipsticks, DIY lipsticks- from crayon and even eye cream. Check out how to make … Continue Reading

Exams done! I can now blog in peace , AMEN? What you been up to? Me? Just chilling, playing with my crayon lippies now that my exams are over and done with. Yes it is all I have been waiting to do. Not watch hunger games, or scandal or go quad biking, na-ah! Okay I … Continue Reading

Producing customized shades of lipstick moved me to make crayon. Well I strongly believe that crayon lipstick is not an everyday-to-wear lippie but a day or two of the colours you don’t have yet in your beauty closet won’t hurt. Crayon lipstick is non toxic! Children eat those things yea? Which is why this is … Continue Reading

Today, let’s just talk products! First things first. This is not a sponsored post. The views expressed are wholly mine. The products below may or may not work perfect on your skin. My skin type is combination skin. The prices of the products indicated below are from Nakumatt Lifestyle, if you find them at any … Continue Reading

Photos by HillCity514 Photography All jewellery skillfully MADE by Shee from Shee_Art Ola Ola!! I particularly love how fitting maxi skirts(oh hey monochrome) drape to the very bottom, how loosely fitting tops worn with maxis bring out some boho-look and how head chains know how to emphasize that! ION, jewellery! Then ION number 2,giveaway winners … Continue Reading