Heyya!! I can’t tell you how many times I have received Dms asking about my hair. I figured that many others could have questions, I hope this post answers your questions! For starters, I’m really into rough hair, so Afro Kinky is my holy grail. I’m always trying to find new ways to play with … Continue Reading

Birthday month is that you? Like every year, I get excited when November begins. I make such a huge deal about it being a new month, and when my actual birthday is around the corner, I’m still confused about what I want to do for my birthday; so I actually end up having dinner with … Continue Reading

About a month ago, I got the privilege of attending the launch of Wandia Lukoye apparel. I was sort of nervous,the kind of nervous that leaves you wondering why you are nervous. I mean all I had to do was sit pretty and have a look at the pieces that were being showcased. I got … Continue Reading

A week ago, I asked on my Facebook page for suggestions on what you would want to see. (Hit the like button on my Facebook page if you aren’t all up on business yet!) If we are going to delve into all the deets on faux locs, as requested, then this could be long! What did I … Continue Reading

Positive vibes only. Can you believe that this is the first ‘HELLO’ post we are having this year?If you are new on this space, we get personal on art of random posts, so welcome! I have become such a Youtube fan, I have decided to use “15 random questions tag” from Youtube and make it … Continue Reading