Happy holidays!!Having a good one? Me? Just chilling, having fun with Youtube! Explains why we have had two videos in a span of 2 weeks! I thought of having a ‘holiday outfit ideas’ post but as logistics would have it (read,too many photos), I opted to do a video instead. Which is quite frankly more … Continue Reading

Photos by Hillcity_514 I think the most versatile and most diverse ‘thing’ in this day and age has got to be fashion. Fashion can be inspired by almost anything! A sport. Basketball jerseys anyone? A hobby. How many times have you seen posts titled ‘outfits to wear to a beach?’ A TV show. Anything. One … Continue Reading

Hey!!! Happy Friday! Ever wondered what to do with photos of an outfit you took a month ago? You be your own man, edit the photos yourself and blog about it like a boss! General mood: Strong!Like I’m my own woman!

Photos by HillCity_514 I have decided against saying ‘hallo’ to you! Because, mood swings! You have not had any mood swings until your waitress has confused your mocha for a macchiato! Do you know how far apart those words are! How did we get here? I want to ask the waitress when she comes back. … Continue Reading

Photos by HillCity_514 I have been waiting for you Friday! Tell me you have been waiting for this post more than you have been waiting for Friday? I reckon that that is a long shot! This chambray has featured on the blog before. Long before I called it a Chambray, see i knew it to … Continue Reading