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I have decided against saying ‘hallo’ to you! Because, mood swings! You have not had any mood swings until your waitress has confused your mocha for a macchiato! Do you know how far apart those words are!

How did we get here? I want to ask the waitress when she comes back. You know, me and her, is a relationship now that we can chit chat about coffee!

Sorry, what do you mean by that? She will say.

I am not sure if I should stand up at this point and say “nyinyi watu wa Java mmenizoea!” 😀

Okay!Who I’m i kidding! Hallo avid reader 🙂 yea I just said hi! Mood swings are over, because this outfit is too princess-y to have any mood swings!

What is it with a hat? I wore this hat just one post ago and I feel like wearing it for the next and next and next post! And that will be the end of my viewership! 😀

When I had the chance of finally having a maxi skirt on the blog, I couldn’t let the chance pass, even if it meant re-wearing the hat,from one post ago and the chambray, from the previous post. Shamelessly so! Why? Because fashion is all about finding staples, restyling them to the point your friends can recite your wardrobe like the National Anthem! And that is when you know you have reached your optimum level so let me grab you a seat.


Shout to HillCity_514



Shoes- Same on How to appear wider

Chambray-Same on A touch of Chambray

Hat- Same on Hats Off

Maxi skirt-Stall in town






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