Literally dusting off the dust because boy has it been forever! Happy New Year!

Even if I posted in February, you would still get a Happy New Year from me. Now how you doing? I have literally not stopped typing since I started, word vomit! That’s what happens when you’ve been away too long! Now how long has it been? 14 days!! With no reasons like “my blog went missing because I hadn’t paid!” Ha! There is always room for a first!

I’m sort of settled now. I can stop writing as though I am talking. Did you even get that?

You know how I said there is always room for a first? Can we not ignore that I am saying that in the first month of the year(lots of pun). So I have been away because I have been editing about 100 files worth of video footage. Why you ask(or you don’t but does it matter?)

For my very first Vlog(s)!!!

The footage was too much we had to had a part 1 and a part 2. I hope you enjoy.

Part 1 has pretty much the travel journey and a lot of Doha. I however get to Dubai in part 1(lol, I’m making it sound like it is a book). Part 1 has a lot of malling!(Going to the mall if you would like). Part 2-Bardubai, Burj Khalifa and my favourite the desert safari experience. With all the screaming I don’t understand how its my fav, but it is!

I’m challenging myself this year to have a lot of videos out on YouTube. So forgive me if things are kinda slow on the blog.

We shall talk soon. Until then, enjoy these two videos, okay? P.S Your feedback please? Thanks a bunch!





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  • One place I have never and I bet I will never get tired of is the Desert Safari, it’s always mesmerizing. The part you got lost is so hilarious and yes I understand the running!!!

    • thereelrhee

      It was such a silly getting lost and a tiring walk home! smh!

      The desert safari is quite something! Thanks for watching you! xx

  • I enjoyed every minute of those vlogs so I Shall be expecting a haul, after all the malling you did.

    Note the Shall.