How you doing yoh? Wsup!

I didn’t get to share this video on this platform. If I go into the details why, you will think I am very a very sad person 😀

But I will anyway, so you even wonder why I made that statement! So you know how YouTube can get exciting especially when you are making the videos, right? Well it sort of stops when reality kicks in and someone decides to use the dislike button 😀 My very first dislike! It got me thinking that I should probably put the video down.

But after a little thinking, I know for sure that YouTube isn’t for the weak! Filming more videos this weekend.(by force). So if there’s anything you would like to see, kindly let me know on the comment box, thanks boo!

If you would like to hear my view on any of the 18 books I read in 2015, go ahead and click watch if you haven’t already!
The books mentioned are available in book center Sarit, Westlands.

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A full list of the books:

1.Fault in our stars- John Green
2.Purple Hibiscus- Chimamanda Ngozi
3.Starting Over- Tony Parsons
4.Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
5.Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins
6.MockingJay- Suzanne Collins
7: ……………………..
8.And then there was none- Christie Agatha
9. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn
10. The Dinner- Herman Koch
11. Saving Grace- Jane Green
12. Good in Bed- Jennifer Weiner
13. The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo
14. Adultery- Paulo Coehlo
15. Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn
16. A thousand Splendid Suns- Khaleed Hosseini
17.Americanah- Chimamanda Ngozi
18. We Need New Names- Violet NoBulawayo

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  • mal

    mocking jay!!! i like.