Photos by Take5_Photography Afternoon! I’m at that point of university life where you have to write a research paper, many of you will know it as dissertation. So you can understand why this post is ‘showing’ up at 3pm! 😀 The past week I have been writing in such a formal manner, it has taken … Continue Reading

About a month ago, I got the privilege of attending the launch of Wandia Lukoye apparel. I was sort of nervous,the kind of nervous that leaves you wondering why you are nervous. I mean all I had to do was sit pretty and have a look at the pieces that were being showcased. I got … Continue Reading

Photos by Take5_Photography Good morning! Chilly morning huh? I told you cold must haves will come in handy!  Aztec crop top and ripped jeans on a cold day? Doesn’t sound like a good idea. Tis so chilly right now I’m even starting to feel as though I should throw in a sweater on the photo so … Continue Reading

Photos by take5_Photography Good morning!! What I’m about to tell you is going to be unbelievable! (Or not) But I find it unbelievable that I did it! So I am pretty sure you are going to think it’s unbelievable. Okay, I’ll stop yapping now! So morning of the shoot, I’m going through my wardrobe thinking … Continue Reading