Photos by take5_Photography Good morning!! What I’m about to tell you is going to be unbelievable! (Or not) But I find it unbelievable that I did it! So I am pretty sure you are going to think it’s unbelievable. Okay, I’ll stop yapping now! So morning of the shoot, I’m going through my wardrobe thinking … Continue Reading

Photos by Take5 Photography Nairobi is quite something this morning! Here is some little inspiration of an outfit to work(well, not for lawyers of course and everyone else who is in a profession that’s so uptight). Alright, let me rephrase that, here is a little inspiration of an outfit to work for lawyers and everyone … Continue Reading

A week ago, I asked on my Facebook page for suggestions on what you would want to see. (Hit the like button on my Facebook page if you aren’t all up on business yet!) If we are going to delve into all the deets on faux locs, as requested, then this could be long! What did I … Continue Reading

Photos by Take5 Photography I am just going to pretend that the featured image was easy breezy to achieve. That I just stood there as the wind blew my skirt to amazing perfection. That I didn’t have to twirl so many times until my head hurt. That just when Moses and I thought we had … Continue Reading

Photos by Take5Photography Was good? Are you happy? You should be! There plenty of reasons to smile! The idea of not having an amazing dress that exists in black scares me! Like palm-rubbing scared! I think that explains my need to have them in different shapes, lengths and even different shades of black. Is there … Continue Reading